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Wednesday, May 11, 2016

10 Million People Impacted? Really? CCH in 2016 - "By the Numbers"

2 Directors (Sean & Paige) getting ready to leave India for good and leave CCH in the hands of the all-Indian staff.

5 – Years running of CCH Summer Camp (thanks to you – see below!)

12 – Indigenous CCH staff members overseeing the current ground operations

22 – Of 27 homes now have sponsorships replaced from the phase out of our organizational partner that began last summer.  A huge accomplishment for us as Directors.

27 – CCH “children” – now students –  in college now!

39 – CCH sponsors (individuals, families, groups) sponsoring 49 of our 75 homes.

100 – Average number of clicks on a Rickshaw Writer blog submission since early 2011 when Sean and Paige arrived to India.

137 – Rickshaw Writer blog submissions since our arrival.

250 – Dollars-per-month covers a CCH 5-child home’s food and school fees.

315 – CCH children sponsored for Summer Camp through social media.

595 – Total children in CCH now, in 75 church-based homes.

$7,875 – Raised for camp through social media, primarily Facebook, for this year’s CCH Summer Camp – 4 times what we ever have raised before.  This covers 315 of our 595 children!  Thank you, all of you!

10,000 – Projected children being served by CCH in 25 years.

10,000,000 – Estimated people impacted by CCH over the next 100 years, many generations changed by the holistic restoration of hundreds of (formerly) orphaned children.  The long-term view of one person's impact is impressive and hundreds of people's impact is almost unimaginable...  

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