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Thursday, April 7, 2016

10 Unexpected Fun Facts of CCH Summer Camp

Jump ropes are just one of the activities unique 
to CCH Summer Camp for these kids.

Every CCH Summer Camp has a theme - 
this year is "God Has a Plan For You."

Mango Day is a great day for pastor fathers and children alike. 

These are two of the illustrations for this year's camp theme.  
Great illustrations, huh?!

We're in the middle of an April-long CCH Summer Camp campaign:  


Here are some fun facts about CCH Summer Camp:

1,  Sean, Paige and all foreigners do NOT lead camp.  We and other foreign teams serve alongside, helping indigenous staff and the CCH Leaders youth to lead the camp plan.

2.  This year’s camp theme:  God Has a Plan For You.

3.  Camp happens in 100-camper, four-day sets, all through May.

4.  May is the hottest month of the year, but the only month we can have camp due to the 11-month academic year for Indian kids.

5.  The first photos taken with a digital camera, the first time strumming a guitar, the first time playing chess, the first time serving a volleyball, just a few of the personal “firsts” that happen at camp for many of these kids. 

6.  Camp used to be $50/child, covering transportation, accommodation and food, but we’ve cut back significantly and are doing it this year for $25/child to make sure camp happens, even when things are tight.

7.  Summer camp is very rare in India, especially for lower class/caste Indian children.  Developing countries are often still occupied with doing what it takes to survive, not thrive.  We promise these kids to help them thrive.  We promise them Summer Camp.

8.  Our older kids, 12 and above, do not attend camp, but a Youth Leaders Conference, which helps prepare them for their future and decisions to be made, responsibilities to be embraced and life paths to be chosen.

9.  Many children at CCH Summer Camp have never had one whole mango all to themselves, but only slices shared among a group.  Camp Mango Day is always a big, huge, tasty hit!

10.  In the past camp has been funded 50% by sponsorships and 50% by general funds of CCH.  We don’t have that luxury this year, so camp will be ALL sponsorships and donations.  Hence, a big April campaign.  Help us get there!

Send a child or many children to camp by clicking here: Send CCH to Summer Camp

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