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Monday, August 3, 2015

An Extra Special Special Olympics

It is just so fitting that the first Special Olympics since Jaya was born took place in the very location where she was born.   Some events even took place on campus at UCLA, just steps from where doctors helped her overcome so many early life struggles.

While we in India have been crazy busy packing and preparing to leave for a few months, we held special attention to the Special Olympics this year, for obvious reasons. 

Our heart for people with intellectual disabilities is, of course, very strong these days, and having the Special Olympics in L.A., and covered by ESPN, was truly special indeed.

Jaya’s Grandma, Dianne, was in attendance at the Opening Ceremonies representing all of us who are so thankful for Jaya, and the people all over the world helping her to become everything she is capable of becoming. 

Yep, Los Angeles got a good dose of love this past couple weeks.  If it’s anything like we’ve had these past couple years, L.A. will be forever changed for the better.