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This blog is intended to make a country that most Westerners find to be otherworldly not so much so. We enjoy sharing our experiences, noting our observations, highlighting our impressions and otherwise recounting our adventures in India while helping our blogwatchers to be vicariously closer to this grand country. Welcome to India.

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

CCH: Grow, Refine, Repeat...

Off to another day of overcoming odds and 
establishing our future!

Hopeful for all that is to come. 

Nandini is our very first CCH college student, 
studying to be an engineer.

As any organization grows, so must the leadership and stewardship of all the resources. We have 575 most important "resources" in the form of formerly orphaned children and we wanted to share with you our organization growth basics as recently discussed by our Indian-led CCH Strategic Planning team:

CCH Vision
Holistic restoration of India’s orphaned children for lives of dignity, purpose and transformation of their communities.

CCH Mission
Caring for orphaned children through family-style homes, education and discipleship, empowering future leaders to build healthy communities.

CCH Core Values
Dignity - claiming God-sent identity for the orphaned child
Worship - learning a lifestyle of worship and relationship with Jesus
Service - leading their communities in the future
Holistic Restoration - from an orphaned spirit to an adopted child of the King

Lakshmi is from the Nelaturu CCH girls home

Lakshmi's CCH Story:
Lakshmi is 12 years old and has been in the Nelaturu CCH home for 5 years. Lakshmi’s family is from the same home village as the pastor. Lakshmi's father died when she was four years old.  Her mother is a day laborer and was having trouble caring for Lakshmi by herself.  When Laksmi did not perform well in school, her mother would beat her, a tragically common parental response in this part of the world.  

The Nelaturu pastor heard about Lakshmi's circumstances. When he met with her mother, they agreed that that CCH's model of orphan care could be a good opportunity for Lakshmi to get a second chance at school and a second chance at having a family life that is more healthy and hopeful.  Worldwide, "orphan" is defined as "fatherless," which is Biblical and throughout most of history, accurate, with no protection or provision without a father.

Now that Lakshmi is with CCH she says her life has totally changed. Lakshmi is now 1st rank in her class and has her sights firmly set on becoming a pediatrician so she can help children just like herself.  This is not an uncommon motivation for CCH children when they dream of their future profession and explain why they want to become the doctor, the teacher, the policewoman, the government official.

In four years, Laksmi will be attending University if she has a sponsorship to help her through.  Please consider helping Lakshmi and the many CCH children just like her on the brink of their future dreams with only a few steps to go.  

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Follow CCH on Social Media and Redeem Orphan Lives, One Click-at-a-Time

Covenant Children's Homes is all over social media, thanks to our Social Media Volunteer, Amber Nichols, who is based in Kansas and one of our most important volunteers.

Because she connects us to the world.

Redeeming orphans, one click-at-a-time.

Amber and Jaya in Southern California in 2014

Amber, Jaya and Paige in Kansas City in 2013

We have always had a small presence on various social media outlets, but now, with help from a wonderful volunteer in the States, the CCH social media enterprise is now in full gear:

Instagram shows:  covenantchildrenshomes

Twitter tells:  @cchindia1

Facebook shows and tells:  covenantchildrenshomesindia

Please add us to your privileged followings and keep up with everything CCH.  

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Beef in India? Well....

Contrary to what most people think about India, there is beef to be had.  Buffalo beef is fairly common, cow beef is rarer still, but can be found in Muslim neighborhoods.  I (Sean) have recently started making a once-per-month visit to our friends nearby who slaughter a cow each day and provide beef for the neighborhood. 

We prefer organic food when we have a chance, but this may be a little too "farm-to-table" for us city folk….

Peruse these photos if, and only if, you're either already familiar with an agricultural lifestyle or are not about to have a burger.

Despite appearances, we haven't been sick from this yet...

Beef.  In India.  Who knew?

Yeah, this is what you think it is. 


This guy doesn't have too many foreigners taking pictures of him.