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Saturday, April 11, 2015

42 Years on Monday - 42 Kids to Camp? C'mon, Everyone!

This blog is way overdue. 

Not because we had a baby and owe her a legit Rickshaw Writer posting.  Though that’s a good reason.

Not because I (Sean) spent last week deathly ill.  Though that is part of the reason, too.

Not even because there is a Dodger who is starting to swing like Babe Ruth!  No, that’s not really a reason.

Because my all-important 42nd birthday is Monday! 

And I want my social media friends to help me out with something.

Normally, I don’t wish myself “Happy Birthday, Sean” when April 13th rolls around, but if I can get a handful of you, 42 for my 42 years, to give $50 for our camp sponsorship, then that will be a very good reason to flaunt my birthday.

The Indian summer is in May, so we’re coming down the stretch of our 2015 CCH Camp Campaign.

550 children attending summer camp is no small feat (Social Media is just a small part of our campaign), but worth every hot and sweaty effort we all put in to make it happen.  This is the type of event that sets apart what we do.  

The dignity and discovery found by kids at camp (as seen in the pics above) helps these kids move from “surviving orphans” to “thriving children.”

And 42 of them are awaiting your camp sponsorship here through our CCH Crowdfunding site:

Thanks for taking a moment and a few dollars for some kids and making an otherwise unimportant birthday one very much worth celebrating.