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Monday, March 9, 2015

CCH is Breaking the Cycle of Poverty - All We Need is You!

The Pachava boys home has been running for almost two years.

They are all ready to take off if you will be their sponsor.

We welcome sponsors to send letters, be involved, 

and yes, even visit their sponsored home here in India.

In October, this church from Southern California made the trek

and everyone's lives were forever changed.  

To conclude our #CCHSponsorshipWeek posts, we present to you the Pachava CCH home of boys.  This group of ten young men have all had at least one parent pass away and, despite that, have hope for a future in a place that had previously already cast them aside. 

Our dream is that in adulthood they:
  • Have a vibrant relationship with Jesus, seeking Kingdom living and motivation all throughout their lives
  • Are educated professionally and in careers of their choosing
  • Make an impact in their communities and regions
  • Are supporting the ongoing mission of CCH out of a grateful heart
  • Have addressed and worked through various emotional scars stemming from their early childhood
  • Are faithful and committed individuals living with the purpose that God has placed in their hearts
  • Marry and have a family of their own

We at CCH are committed to helping them get there.

All we need is your support!

For all the details you need on sponsoring a CCH home, 
click here.

Thursday, March 5, 2015

CCH Home Sponsorship Week: 10 Distinctions, #s 6 - 10

 Education makes all the difference in their lives.  

And girls' education makes all the difference in society, 
more research is saying.

All part of living a life of dignity...

During #CCHSponsorshipWeek on all of our social media outlets, we want to include reasons why CCH breaks the mold in global orphan care.  

Essentially, we take a non-institutional approach to giving orphans a second chance at dignity.  Yesterday on this blog we looked at distinctions of the CCH program, #1 - 5.  Check it out here if you want to see all ten, because here are #s 6 - 10:

       6.    Church-based
CCH children are raised and guided by a church community in a church environment.  As they learn about the love of God, and worship and the word of God is instilled in their hearts, discipleship becomes a central element to their lives and futures.

       7.    Fathered by a Pastor
Most CCH children have lost their biological father to death and many have also lost their mother in addition.  The role of the pastor father of CCH children cannot be overestimated.  The CCH pastors are selected and trained after many years of pastoring an India Christian Ministries church and they know their role in the lives of these orphaned or abandoned children is critical to the children’s future.

       8.    Core Values: Dignity, Service, Worship, Holistic Restoration
The education, discipleship and physical nurturing, so central to CCH’s long-term goals, is meant to reflect the CCH Core Values of 1) replacing the orphaned or abandoned spirit in a child with the dignity that comes from being adopted by God, 2) establishing service as an expectation for their future, 3) instilling a heart of worship and relationship with God and, 4) recognizing that any adequate nurturing of a child requires a holistic approach that includes physical, emotional and spiritual growth and development.

       9.    Leadership Development
      When the children reach an appropriate age, those who are displaying unique maturity and leadership potential are welcomed into a leadership development program called CCH Leaders.  This opportunity is meant to be a bridge from childhood to responsible, service-oriented adulthood as the children grow and begin to realize their futures.     
       10.  Annual CCH Camp Experience
      During the Indian summer and fall breaks, May and October respectively, every CCH child experiences a three-four day camp experience, which offers so many unique activities and opportunities not offered during their academic year:  photography, painting, bicycle-riding, trampoline, musical lessons, dance and singing, sports and so many other exposures to life-enriching activities that stimulate the mind and creative possibilities, and provide a whole lot of fun with so many other CCH children.  Camps are conducted in groups of 100 CCH children where the overall CCH community is highlighted and realized.

     Stay tuned all this week for information about becoming a home sponsor with Covenant Children's Homes.  See the details by clicking here.

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

CCH Home Sponsorship Week: 10 Distinctions of CCH, #s 1 - 5

Even the clothes he's wearing wouldn't be feasible before CCH.

Pastors as fathers brings a spiritual growth element to these orphaned lives.

Credit for the beautiful photos goes to 
F. Robert Openshaw of Santa Barbara, CA.

        If you're skeptical, suspicious or even cynical about global poverty and global orphan care, you're not alone.  Here's a list of reasons that Covenant Children's Homes is offering something special to the orphaned or abandoned children in this part of India:

      1.  A Children’s Home
These homes are not orphanages, but family-style homes, which is distinct from an institutional model of simply “surviving.”  A family-style home is one element that helps a child learn to thrive.

2.  Private, English-Speaking Education for the Future
The key to a professional career and future out of poverty in India is an English-speaking education.  Stemming the cycle of poverty is achieved by educating children, which is the central element of CCH’s vision for the future of these children.

3.  A State-Wide Network of Community
There are currently 545 children in 69 different 5- or 10-children homes throughout the state of Andhra Pradesh.  All of these children are part of one program, one network, one vision for their future.  This unity will be leveraged in the future to create opportunity and possibility among CCH “graduates.”

4.  Under a Larger Umbrella Organization of Churches
CCH is a program under India Christian Ministries, an established and reputable organization making an impact throughout the state of Andhra Pradesh.  This larger organizational grounding gives CCH even stronger credibility and trustworthiness as a reliable partner.

5.  Local, Village-based
CCH children generally remain in or very near their home village when becoming a part of a CCH family.  The hope is that these children will grow to have a future that is more than anyone in their villages could have imagined and they will then turn around and help bring change to these very villages.

6 - 10?  Check us out tomorrow during: #CCHSponsorshipWeek

Monday, March 2, 2015

CCH Home Sponsorship Week: Let's start with the nitty-gritty

We can't do this work in India without help from our partners throughout the world. The best way to help is to sponsor a home of children, either 5 or 10.  

What is sponsorship and what does it entail? 

So glad you asked.

Why Sponsorship?
The heart of our work is the belief that God has put it on the hearts of current and future partners to sponsor these children in achieving their purpose.  Sponsoring a home of children can have a greater impact, not just in the lives of children but their whole village, than you can ever imagine.  Sponsorship brings to the once-orphaned child: 

  • Education that will likely stop the cycle of poverty for the whole family
  • Discipleship that will not only teach the love of God, but encourage servant leadership in the future of India (the primary hope of the CCH program)
  • A second chance at a family, and to know the love of parents and brothers or sisters
  • Dignity.  To replace the orphaned spirit with a spirit of heavenly adoption.

As a sponsor you receive tri-annual reports on your home of boys or girls, which includes photos.  As a sponsor you are also welcomed to help with their summer camp attendance in May, their school uniforms and supplies in June and their special Christmas celebration in December.  

Families Sponsoring Families
We find that families who sponsor these children appreciate the chance to see the world through another person’s eyes.  When children in the Western world learn personally about the lives of children here in India, a new perspective is born, and the impact could be life changing. When they see them go to summer camp, start their first day of school and enjoy the spirit of the Christmas season, children in developed countries are uniquely bonded with these children in India.

What are the details of Sponsorship? Group sponsorship?
Home Sponsorship with CCH costs $250-per-month, which covers five children’s food and private education fees.  While we do have some individuals and families who sponsor on their own, this amount can also be shared among a small group, between close family friends, within a church or even by a business or non-profit entity.  If you are unable to afford a monthly sponsorship, would you be able to share it amongst a group?  Due to staffing limitations, we are not at this time able to offer individual child sponsorship, but do encourage collaborative sponsorships as mentioned.

Learn more this week: 
To gain a better vision for sponsorship of a home desperately in need on the other side of the world, stay tuned this week as we continue our CCH Home Sponsorship Week on the blog, Twitter, Facebook and everywhere.  Until then, here is the link to our most recent Partner video brought to you by Tim Eaton and Verité Studios in Santa Barbara:

CCH Partner Video 2015