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Sunday, December 21, 2014

Christmas in India

We celebrated Christmas with the CCH children, the 220 living near to Ongole, this past Saturday.  Indians call their pre-Christmas parties "Semi-Christmas," which has become an endearing term in our time of living and working here.

It's our second Christmas in India (2012).  

Worship music, dance performances, home skits about the Christmas story, a celebratory cake cutting, gift-giving to each and every child, family and home as well as a special Christmas lunch of everyone's favorite, Chicken Biryani, is all part of this now-annual festival of color and celebration of Jesus.  It's about a 6-hour commitment for our staff the day of and days and days of work beforehand.  

But our partners like you are the ones who really make Christmas happen for these kids. 

Our Christmas budget this year was estimated at over $13,000 to give gifts to each child, each family including the pastor's biological children and to provide a special Christmas party like this one to each region of the state.  A big effort and an even bigger reward as the kids, of course, love their Christmas party.  

What a proclamation of their restoration from orphaned children to adopted children.  

If you would like to help us share the Christmas spirit with these children, we welcome your contribution - it's still not too late:

Donate to CCH Christmas by Clicking Here

Thanks for all your support and for sharing in the Christmas spirit with these kids halfway around the world.  

Merry Christmas from Covenant Children's Homes!