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Monday, June 23, 2014

Summer Lovin' - A May to Remember

Sean training pastors in 115 degrees.

A team of helpers from Oklahoma - thanks, guys!

The camp theme was the Kingdom of God.

These boys live at the village CCH home where training happened.

Indian summer sunset - next to the mangos, the best part of summer.

Paige helps Khartik overcome his esophagus surgery.

Here, Khartik gets to go home from the hospital.

Mango delight!

Jaya really is this cute all the time.

Jaya inspires us to beat the summer heat!

It’s the accountant’s April.
It’s Santa Claus’s December 25th.
It’s the teacher’s early June.

Our May.

550 CCH kids are out of school, which means….

….it’s on!

Take a brief look at the highlights of our Indian summer 2014:

3rd Annual CCH Summer Camp
And every year it gets better.  110 children in five different shifts of three-day camps.  We accomplish all of our core values simply by doing camp for these kids – dignity, service, worship and holistic restoration: 

Khartik’s Trauma
When you’re responsible for 55o children, something’s always bound to happen.  One of our smallest little guys, Khartik of our NTR Colony home, swallowed poison, and as his mother’s funeral no less, and was hospitalized for about ten days total receiving surgery on his esophagus.  CCH supporters came through to help pay for the surgery or Khartik may very well have died.  We are so thankful to be the messengers of hope, love and life to these kids from amazing people all over the world.

Team Hosting
We are always so privileged to have teams come visit and help, but never more so than this month during camp.  We had a team join us from Oklahoma’s Oral Roberts University to come alongside and serve these kids, helping organize the activities, bring order to camp chaos, be the eyes and ears that our staff can’t always be during this time and generally bless us with their wide-eyed wonder in India.  Thanks so much, ORU, for your commitment, endurance and service to us at CCH and ICM.

Pastor Training
After camp was complete, Sean headed north of the state to a remote area near the tribal forest region of Andhra Pradesh.  Here he trained non-India Christian Ministries pastors in the art of taking care of once-orphaned or –abandoned children as part of an ongoing project to spread this new model of orphan care around India. It’s always a blessing to visit villages for a night or two – India in the raw.

120 Degrees!
Our frequent "feels like" temperature - a very hot May, overwhelmingly so at times, with mangos aplenty will be what is also remembered from this challenging-but-successful month for CCH.  As seen in a post earlier, Paige’s super woman tendencies pulled all 572 (kids, staff, team, Sean & Jaya) through for a truly remarkable month to remember. 

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

CCH Summer Camp Photos Sure to Bring a Smile

We just finished up our CCH Summer Camps, 5 three-day camps of 100 children each, all throughout the month of May.  Here's a small glimpse into our month of fun and learning more about the Kingdom of God.

Each of the homes were welcomed with a banner.

This year's theme!  

Komali and Aliyah share a laugh over mangos.

Mango Day is everyone's favorite day of camp.

Modughalapalem receives their school bags and shoes.

Jaya and friends.

This CCH mother prayed for Jaya for one hour every day last year and, upon meeting Jaya at camp for the first time, burst into tears.  Such a testimony to our CCH homes, and to Jaya's growing story.