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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Redemption and Dignity, Camp and Uniforms

Two vital elements of the Covenant Children’s Homes program. 

We work hard to redeem childhood after these children have struggled so much and faced more hardship than we could ever imagine at ages so young.

Our "CCH Leaders," older children in our homes, are part of the leadership 
and instruction for our CCH Summer Camp sessions.

These backpacks are indispensable for our children during their school year.

We attempt to re-build their dignity after losing a parent or simply being neglected. 

They are worthy.  They are valuable.  They have a future to grasp and a hope to capture.

Mangos are synonymous with India's summer, and CCH Summer Camp.

Last year's camp offered "costumes" as an activity.  
No one liked it very much....

Camp and uniforms go SUCH a long way to helping us achieve a redeemed childhood and rebuilt dignity.

Camp:  $50-per-child (food, lodging, transportation, materials)

Uniforms:  $30-per-child

Total:  $44,000 (2/3rds of which comes from our amazing individual contributors like you)

Please consider making a donation for the May camps and the June start to the new school year.  

Thank you!

12-year old CCH children receive their first Bible during camp.

Camp fun!

These girls from S.N. Padu are ready to learn, ready to grasp their future with their uniforms!