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This blog is intended to make a country that most Westerners find to be otherworldly not so much so. We enjoy sharing our experiences, noting our observations, highlighting our impressions and otherwise recounting our adventures in India while helping our blogwatchers to be vicariously closer to this grand country. Welcome to India.

Monday, December 16, 2013

Jaya Rolls Over and the CCH Christmas Rolls On...

A first taste of latte love in Nashville.

Playing with close friend, Vivie Haun, in Dallas.

Delighting the Deeble girls, Brianna and Hadley, in Kansas City.

A self-imposed tummy time for the first time ever.  Yay, Jaya!

Auntie Kelley drove all the way from St. Louis to see Jaya and family.  Thanks, Kelley!

We are currently in the midst of what has become an annual trip to the middle of the country, visiting friends in Dallas and Kansas City along with occasional stops in places like Denver, Tulsa, Nashville and more to share about the children in India.  We love these trips and, quite frankly, at times this past year we wondered if we would ever be able to do another one.  

Then Jaya got better.

Then Jaya recovered from her October heart surgery.

And we were off again.

And will be off again to India on January 9th.

Then, get this, yesterday Jaya rolled over on her own for the very first time.  Milestones, progress and growth and development are just a little more treasured than normal.  Yeah, Jaya!

Our holiday season is extra special this year, not just because of Jaya, but because we are nearing our goal of 545 kids in India receiving Christmas gifts of new and dignifying clothes that make them feel special, that help restore their beauty and accelerate their view of themselves as anything but once-orphaned or -abandoned.

If you'd like to help us finish off our campaign, we still need your support:

Thanks to all of you, friends, family and acquaintances for your help, encouragement and support through 2013.