Welcome to India

This blog is intended to make a country that most Westerners find to be otherworldly not so much so. We enjoy sharing our experiences, noting our observations, highlighting our impressions and otherwise recounting our adventures in India while helping our blogwatchers to be vicariously closer to this grand country. Welcome to India.

Monday, June 24, 2013

Jaya's Dedication - Father's Day

Jaya came home from the hospital just in time for Mother's Day.

Jaya was dedicated to the Lord on Father's Day.

This girl just continues to celebrate special days with just a little extra meaning (Easter, Daddy's 40th Birthday, Mother's Day and Father's Day).  

A "dedication" is similar to a Christening or baptism, but more about the parents promising to raise their child in a way that reflects God's love and faithfulness.

As Jaya's parents we decided to create a "A Promise to Our Children," which serves a similar capacity as vows at a wedding, but from us to our current (and future) children.  Here's the beginning of what we promised to Jaya (for the rest, check out the video link to YouTube below):

To you, Jaya Marie, our daughter, and to all your future brothers and sisters,

God, faithful and sovereign, has bestowed on us the joy of helping Him guide your life here on earth and preparing you for your true home in heaven.  The joy we receive from you offers us a glimpse of what our Heavenly Father receives from all of His children. 

In light of this, and before these witnesses here today, a community of fellowship in Jesus Christ, which we commit to surround you with always, we as your grateful parents promise to:

Love each other within our covenant of marriage, remembering that our relationship is the foundation of our family,

Nurture and guide your holistic growth and development, emphasizing always the joy of the Lord as your strength,

Love you unconditionally through all challenges and all triumphs, establishing in you dignity that reflects heaven,

Forgive you continually through all mistakes with grace, patience and discipline as appropriate...

Thursday, June 20, 2013

A Now Annual Tradition: CCH Summer Camp Pics & Fun, Redeeming Childhood

The now-annual CCH Summer Camp (In India May is the heart of summer) last month is our biggest event of the year and the greatest single tangible effort we make at one of our most important hopes for the children of CCH, “redeeming childhood.”
  • You learned to ride a bike as a child and felt like an adult.
  • You jumped on a trampoline as a child and thought maybe you might be able to fly. 
  • You learned to color, draw and paint as a child opening up a life of creativity.
  • You played dress-up as a child and sparked your imagination.
  • You played with cars and play-dough, creating new worlds and dreaming of what could be.

And now, because of summer camp, these once-orphaned or –abandoned children have, too.  This year's theme, "He Made Us Family," guided the teaching and learning that always accompanies the activities and excitement of camp.

Thanks for your support, help and care for these children as, with and without Sean, Paige & Jaya, the CCH kids, pastors and staff in India roll on.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Introducing Jaya Marie Whiting

On Easter Sunday, March 31st, we welcomed our first child, Jaya Marie Whiting.  Her name is Hindi (Indian) and it means “Victorious One, Overcomer,” which has been very appropriate for her young life as she has already overcome many obstacles including a heart surgery, six weeks in the Newborn ICU and an unexpected early birth. 

After starting at only 5 lbs., our Jaya has already cleared 7 lbs. and 20 inches, well on her way to being a healthy, young girl.  Her perseverance, adorable sneezes, cute cry and expressions have captured hearts and this blog will now be a testament to India as well as an ongoing testimony to Jaya’s unfolding life.

With a pending second heart surgery planned for the fall, and continued unique challenges for both Jaya and parents, your faithful prayers are still coveted as we truly begin this journey with and for Jaya.  The adventure of India, of Jaya, and of life continues….

Check back here on a weekly basis for pictures, stories and updates from our now 500 CCH children and our Jaya (501!).