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Monday, February 18, 2013


CCH staff visiting Hosanna

Many prayers for Hosanna

During a trip to Hyderabad recently, a wild game of Connect Four where 
Hosanna displayed his dominance!

December 2011 Christmas clothes for Mederametla (Hosanna is back row right)

We continue seeking prayers and heartfelt thoughts for Hosanna, one of our boys from our Medarametla children’s home, who has been overcoming Leukemia far longer than any of the doctors in India predicted.

Hosanna is 10 years old and the leukemia was discovered in April of 2012.  After months and months of treatment and evaluations, Hosanna’s blood levels continue to slowly decline, even as the worldwide prayers become ever more united.

Regular updates on Hosanna can be found on our website and blog:

Please join the chorus of prayer on behalf of Hosanna:

  1. Complete healing, to the shock and disbelief of doctors.
  2. Peace and hope for his mother, who has already lost a husband in the past 10 years.
  3. Unity around Hosanna of all 400 CCH children.