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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Christmas in India, Christmas in California

For the first time since our very first RickshawWriter blog posting, we come to you live from Southern California!
11 months was the longest either of us had ever been out of the country at one time, so when we touched down on December 8th, it was a needed relief. We will be spending the holidays in Southern California then slowly making our way across the country making visits to many, ultimately leaving again for India in February. But enough about us - there's something more important to update you on.

Our Covenant Children's Homes Christmas Celebration was a huge success, but the part we're most proud of was that it happened without us. All of our children gathered on December 10th for the monthly Second Saturday, but this time with a Christmas theme where they all received their first Christmas gifts ever: Dresses for the girls, jeans/collared shirt for the boys and much needed electric mixers for the home parents!

A HUGE "thanks" to so many of you out there that helped us with this, the first-ever CCH Christmas party.

Please consider donating for these gifts as we're not quite there yet - still need about $400 to cover all these gifts that needed to be given prior to Christmas day.

Pictures above of our CCH Christmas and please consider helping to finish out the Best Christmas Present Ever campaign started in early November.

Thank you and, to many of you, SEE you soon!